What to Look For in Vintage Kilim Rugs

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kilim rugs

Vintage kilim rugs are often made with simple tools, such as a loom, knife or comb, and some thread. They are usually made from wool, but other materials are sometimes used, including silk, cotton, and even gold or silver thread. Beads and decorative baubles are common embellishments, as well. They are very popular in modern homes, where they add color and style. But how can you tell which one is right for you? Here are some tips.

The Designs Of Kilim Rugs Are Endless

To produce a kilim rug, the warp strands are tightly woven, and the weft strands are horizontal. This technique makes the design appear flat, while allowing the visible weft strands to show through. The weft strands are made of either wool or cotton, although the highest quality kilim rugs are made with 100% wool. These rugs are typically made of colorful fabrics.

If you want a kilim rug in your home, you may want to consider buying one that is made by a professional. A kilim rug is more likely to be durable than a woven or cotton rug, but it will still last for years. Also, kilim rugs can be used as accent rugs on other surfaces, such as a sofa or chair. They are a great option for adding a whimsical, gypsy feel to your space.

A kilim rug is often a work of art in itself. Many kilims include amulets, a triangular symbol known as the ‘Muska’ with a protective verse. The oriental ‘yin and yang’ sign can be seen on a kilim rug as well. The designs of kilim rugs are endless. And with the beauty of a kilim rug, you can have a piece of history in your home.

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