Troubleshooting Tips For Nor-Lake Refrigerators

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In the process of maintaining the perfect temperature for your drinks, your store’s refrigeration systems need to be regularly serviced to avoid damage to the goods inside. A commercial refrigeration contractor like Lake Refrigeration can help you achieve this goal, as well as reduce the amount of electricity that’s needed to maintain them. With SCR’s comprehensive services, you can enjoy a more comfortable shopping experience and reduce the overall energy costs in your store.

How to Troubleshooting For Nor-Lake Refrigerators

Lake Refrigeration

Since 1947, Nor-Lake has manufactured quality refrigeration systems for commercial and residential applications. Their products are built to last, and are highly reliable. You’ll never have to worry about your investment being compromised by unexpected issues. To keep your store’s equipment functioning smoothly, simply check the following troubleshooting tips. You’ll soon be ready to go and serve your customers. Then, enjoy your drinks and your employees. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to their customer service representatives.

Depending on the temperature of the water, a Nor-Lake refrigerator may not be able to function properly. This could be caused by a faulty relay or starting capacitor. It’s best to call an authorized technician to determine the exact cause of the problem. In some cases, excessive head pressure in the refrigeration system may be the culprit. Lastly, your store’s temperature can be too high. You might need to consider the option of a couple heating and cooling.

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