Shower Sealing

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Shower Sealing

When you want to improve the look of your shower, you need to consider Shower Sealing. The material used to protect your shower will eventually break down. This can be due to seasonal changes or natural settling of your home. If you notice signs of cracking or breakage, call a professional to check your shower and repair it. In the event that you’ve had a previous leak, you can also use a chisel or a sharp knife to remove the old sealant. Click here –

How to Seal Your Shower

Another option for sealing your shower is self-adhesive caulk. This flexible sealant works well to cover shower seams and provides a waterproof surround. The best part is that this sealant is easily applied by peeling off the label. This caulk also takes a paint well, making it easy to paint over. It needs about two hours to dry, and it doesn’t shrink. However, it’s important to wait a full 24 hours before using your shower.

If you’re using natural stone, you’ll need a compatible sealant. To apply the sealant, use a silicone nozzle with a nozzle that is 5mm wide. When applying sealant, start at the innermost corner of your shower tray and work your way outwards. When you’re finished, use a finger to test the sealant to see if it’s applied evenly. You may need to apply more silicone if the cracks are wider.

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