Halo Dog Collar

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halo dog collar

The Halo dog collar is an innovative training collar for dogs. It features an integrated app and a warning or praise sound. If your dog does something you don’t want it to do, the Halo collar can help you find him or her in a matter of seconds. With the Halo app, you can also get guidance from Cesar Millan, who has a background in dog behavior training. In addition, you can even see real-time pictures of your dog and hear how it behaves.

Gps Location Tracking

The Halo dog collar is also customizable, and the feedback it gives your dog is based on what you want it to do. You can choose between low-level stimulation, a static correction, or both. And the Halo comes with a 21-day training program designed by Cesar Milan, arguably the best dog trainer in the world. Eventually, this dog training system can even be used indoors. The Halo collar will alert you when your dog moves more than 10 feet outside the boundary.

Aside from tracking your dog’s activity, the Halo Collar also offers Activity Tracking. You can see how much time your dog spends outdoors and how much time it spent walking. The app also offers alerts when your dog gets bored or starts to stray, so you can easily take action and give him a treat. The Halo Collar is available for purchase in several different colors. The design of the Halo Collar is sleek and looks great on your dog.

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