Doing a Background Check in Delaware

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background check delaware

When it comes to hiring new employees, performing a background check Delaware is an essential step to ensure that the person you are considering is a good fit. These checks help you to avoid the dangers of hiring someone who does not meet your standards. Many people lie about their past, so a background check in Delaware is an effective way to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Employers can get the information they need about a new employee, including a criminal background check and credit report.

You Can Make An Informed Decision On Who To Hire

In addition to the Federal Trade Commission’s recommendations, employers in Delaware can also get criminal records by conducting a background check. Delaware has a streamlined process for performing background checks and has joined a national effort to limit discrimination against reformed criminals. State agencies are not permitted to ask about a person’s past during the application process, and they must extend conditional employment to all applicants. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t do a background check in Delaware if you are hiring a candidate for a specific position.

While most private employers are prohibited from asking about a person’s credit history, some private employers are allowed to do so. If you’re in the financial industry, a poor credit score can make it impossible to get a job. The ban-the-box law in Delaware prevents employers from asking applicants about their credit history, but only when the position is conditional. Besides asking about credit history, many applicants also lie about their past employment. This makes the person a less desirable candidate.

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